Lions Youth Exchange Program (LYEP)

Lions Club is a worldwide organization of 1.4 million members where local clubs support the community. One of the programs that Lions promote is the Lions Youth Exchange Program. This cultural experience is open to young adults 17-21 years old that wish to experience and interact with another culture. The Lions of Michigan invite you or a young adult you know to be part of this cultural program. The experience promotes an understanding of a foreign culture, an awareness that can only improve international relationships and is fun! The young adult does not need to know or be a Lion in order to participate.


How does a young adult learn of this experience?

  • A young adult hears about it from a friend, family member or promotional message.
  • Young Adults are exposed to the Lions Youth Exchange Program at a school meeting or class.
  • A young adult accesses the Lions of Michigan Youth Exchange website and watches the LYEP Promotional Video. What an exciting adventure hosting or staying in a foreign country!

What happens next?

  • The interested young adult contacts the appropriate Lions District Chair to get additional information about the program. Eleven chairs are located throughout the State of Michigan and are responsible for counties surrounding their home. The District Chair and assigned local Lion Club then works closely with the young adult to further supply information, applications, and other pertinent details about the experience.

Initial details include:

  • Students do not need to know the language, except in a few countries; however some level of competency is helpful.
  • Lions of Michigan has a relationship with picks the countries he/she would like to visit. Some include Japan, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • The young adult stays at a camp for 1-3 weeks where the culture of the country is experienced in a group setting and/or lives with a host family for 3-6 weeks. The cultural experience is during the American summer. School is generally not experienced in the foreign country. American students usually in June or July.

  • The young adult may be responsible for his/her airline fees and fees associated with the cultural experience. However, many Lions clubs help support the young adult financially after the young adult is linked with a club. Connections with clubs are made through the District Chair. Once a connection is made, the young ambassador should visit a club meeting and could participate in an activity or two with the host club. Often then the club will give the young adult a check towards the trip. Initiative pays off. The more the young adult works and participates with a club or clubs, the more is given to the young adult ambassador. Many times the trip is totally financed by numerous clubs.

*If you have any additional questions, please contact LYEP State Chair, Send Eileen Delaney an email here

Host Family Application with Background Check

Indemnity Form

Summer Program Dates

Students arrive in June, July, or August depending on the country.

  • Finland arrives in late June or July for 4-6 weeks
  • France, Italy, Sweden, and Turkey arrive in July for 4 weeks
  • Austria arrives in mid-July for 4 weeks
  • Japan arrives in August for 3 to 3 ½ weeks

Winter Program Dates

  • Australia and New Zealand arrive in early December for 4 to 5 weeks
  • Peru arrives in mid-January for 6 weeks

“Life is a learning process, and changes can be wonderful opportunities for growth. Don’t be afraid of change! 

Embrace it and grow!”

-John Steinbeck