COVID Precautions Michigan Lions Leadership Institute

As the Michigan Lions Leadership Institute approaches, we unfortunately continue to see COVID cases continue to rise. Below are the current details of the precautions the Institute will be taking, but I wanted to highlight the significant change up front:

Due to some limitations in being able to maintain social distances during the Institutes activities, face coverings are to be worn in the facility regardless of vaccination status with limited exceptions (e.g. when eating or when you are outside).

I know there is a wide range of opinions and positions people have on the topic and it has unfortunately become highly politicized.  This is not a political decision, but a humanitarian one that closely aligns with our mission as Lions.  With attendees coming from all over the state, we can help prevent the spread of the virus, protect others, and return safely to lead our communities into the future!  Thank you for your understanding.

Here are a summary of the preventative steps the Institute is taking:

  • As noted above, face coverings are to be worn during all inside events for the Institute, with limited exceptions.  This applies to attendees and facility staff.
  • Face coverings will be available in the office and in the seminar rooms if anyone needs, forgets, or damages theirs.
  • For meal sessions, we are planning on decreased capacity and increased spacing.
  • Seminar room chairs will be placed a minimum of 3 feet apart.
  • Sanitizing wipes will be available in seminar rooms for microphones or other high use surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available at the seminar room door ways. Please use hand sanitizer each time you enter the seminar rooms, before eating and frequently as needed.

Serving from the Heart,

PID Jenny Ware

Leadership Institute Co-Chair 


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