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FRIDAY – SATURDAY, MAY 17-18, 2024

Grand Rapids, Michigan

 Please reserve a display table for the undersigned at the Lions of Michigan Multiple District 11 Convention, at Sheraton Grand Rapids Airport. Enclosed is a check covering the exhibition fee of $80.00 for Friday and Saturday; the fee includes a business card sized ad in the State Convention booklet. $50.00 is the fee for a single day and for an additional $25.00 the business card size ad can be included in the State Convention booklet. The charge is fully refundable if, for any reason, the convention is canceled or moved to another city or in case of fire or other catastrophic occurrence to the property. All conditions stated in the letter of invitation shall be accepted and followed by all exhibitors and their representatives.

The undersigned releases the Lions of Michigan Multiple District 11, and its agents from any and all liabilities that may arise or be asserted as a result of participation in this exhibition. The Lions of Michigan Multiple District 11, Inc. will determine the eligibility of any company or product for exhibit. Acceptance of an exhibitor for the convention does not imply endorsement of the product or services, nor does rejection imply lack of approval of the product or manufacturer.

Exhibitors shall take precautions to provide security to safeguard their property during non-show hours. It is understood that neither the Lions of Michigan Multiple District 11, Inc. nor Sheraton Grand Rapids, MI (nor legal entities which own, lease and/or operate it), nor their members, officers, directors, or employees shall be responsible for injury to any person or persons for loss or damage to property belonging to the exhibitor or any person or persons while in transit to or from the hotel/conference center or while on the hotel/conference center property or otherwise. The exhibitor assumes complete responsibility and liability for all injury to any and all persons or property in any way connected with exhibitors display caused by the exhibitor, his agents, representatives or employees. The exhibitor indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless the Lions of Michigan Multiple District 11, Inc. and the Sheraton Grand Rapids MI (and legal entities which own, lease, and/or operate it), their members, officers, directors, and employees against any and all liability whatsoever arising from any or all damage to property or personal injury caused by exhibitor or his agents, representative, employees or any other person.

Exhibitor Hours: Set- Up Thursday after 5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am -6:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am -4:00 pm
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